The Fish & The Tree

I enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing, not catching, but being quiet and enjoying the serenity fishing. I love bringing my little buddies along when I can.

One of the most important observations I have had was one I had while fishing with a youngster.

We went fishing and got a bite. This was a monster. The fish was thrashing this way and that, it happened to get into a tangle and went under and into a sunken tree. Here I was, struggling to finesse the fish out of the sunken mess. Every time I had thought I was making progress, the fish made a run and caused a mess of my line. When to my surprise, I look to the little one fishing beside me and they said simply to me, "Jesse, why don't you cut your line on that one and catch another one?"

I said, "Well, I have worked 20 minutes to get to where we are and I have the lure that I just paid $10 for."

Another ten minutes and no progress, I said, "Sure, let's do it", with a sign of frustration. Smiling they looked up at me, handing me the clippers. I cut the line.

I went back to fishing and caught a few fish so we had supper (and a successful fishing trip), enjoying my time with my wise little buddy. When to my surprise the lure floated to the surface, which I hoisted out of the water.



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